This is what some people think of when they think of Hypnosis!

This is how some people think a hypnotist looks like

And for some reason this is the image some Hypnotists seem to strive for. But a professional Hypnotist acts like a professional.

When you're looking for a Hypnotist, you want to make sure you get a professional who can really help you make the changes you want to make. 

One with:

  • Experience
  • Credentials
  • Solid training
  • Maturity
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism 
  • Good Listening skills
  • Patience
  • The desire to learn more
  • Imagination / Creativity

William is a Hypnotist who will talk WITH you, not just to you!

William C. Smith, Board Certified Hypnotist,NLP Practioner, Sports Hypnotist Performance Specialist, Certified Golf Hypnosis Specialist, Alpha Process Coach, Anger Management Resolution Therapist



Here are some questions you need to ask to help you decide if a Hypnotist would be the right one to help you.

What you can expect from William C. Smith's professional services.

There are many other Hypnotists to choose from.  Here's what you may want to consider to help you decide whether I am the right Hypnotist / Coach to help you make the changes you want to make in your life.  

Is the Hypnotist a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists?  The NGH is the largest Hypnotist organization in the world with over 14,000 members in over 80 countries around the world!

YES, since 2001
Dallas Hypnotist William C Smith is a Board Certified Hypnotist with the NGH

Maybe.  Maybe not.  Some in the Dallas / Fort Worth area are, but many are not.

Is the Hypnotist full time?  Or just do this part time or even more as a hobby than a professional?

Full time since 2001.  I have also utilized Hypnosis in my personal life since my teens, and used it in during my professional life in the corporate world which I left in 1993) to reduce stress and build my confidence.
The majority of other Hypnotists in the area are only part time, some only work with family or friends, and many rarely see clients on a regular basis.

Does the Hypnotist use Ericksonian Hypnosis which uses suggestions through metaphor, utilization of what's around us, and easy to understand suggestions? 

Yes.  Why?  Because it's very effective and the SubConscious Mind is able to apply the suggestions to the areas of work needed much more easily and efficiently.

Some are trained in Ericksonian Hypnosis, but many are not, or don't have very much experience using it.



What are the main areas of work does the Hypnotist work with?

William C. Smith, BCH specializes in:

Sports -- any and all sports / all levels -- professional, college, high school, amateur, and sometimes younger athletes.

Business -- executives, management, sales professionals, Civic Groups

Confidence Building - sports, business, confidenct public speaking

Anger Coaching -- I do not do therapy.  I teach tools and the concept of being responsible for choices and actions.

A large number of Hypnotists work primarily only with weight, smoking, stress.

Why?  Because for many of them, that was, and remains, the only areas they were trained and are sufficiently qualified to work with. 

There are some who advertise they work in other areas.  Just be sure they are properly qualified and experienced in the area of your need.




Does the Hypnotist provide any training in Self Hypnosis?

Yes.  I teach all my clients, starting with the first session how, when, and why to use properly  worded suggestions before sleep and throughout the day.  And after we're finished with the sessions the client can continue to use the suggestions for other areas they would like to improve on.

Many do not, but there may be a few who do. 

Has the Hypnotist received any awards or honors?

I have been awarded membership into the Order of Braid Council with the NGH (think Hall of Fame in sports)

and also was presented the Charles Tebbets Award by the NGH for spreading the Light of Hypnotism to the World.

Both a very great privilege I was honored to receive from my peers in the NGH!  *  see below.

I have also been chosen to be on the Faculty of the NGH Convention five times and taught 10 different classes.

I'm sure there are some, but most have not, at least related to Hypnosis.

Is the Hypnotist Board Certified?

Yes, through the NGH.  The National Guild of Hypnotists has very high standards and this is a very thorough process.

I know of only two other Hypnotists in the Dallas, North Texas area who are Board Certified through the NGH.   Both of them are friends and colleagues I encouraged to reach for this goal.  There may be a few others in the state of Texas, but I am not aware of them.

Does the Hypnotist offer any training to the general public?

I am a Certified Instructor and have taught many individuals the Basic Certification NGH class (including physicains, other health care providers, and clergy), but no longer teach this.  I now only offer Advanced Certification Classes to my colleauges locally as well as at the NGH Convention.

One of my colleagues now offers the NGH Basic Ceritificaion Class here locally.  She also is a Faculty member of the NGH Convention.  If you are interested, contact me and I'll put you in contact with her.

Does the Hypnotist do any classes, seminars, public speaking events?

I am available for doing talks / trainings / workshops for sports teams, sales teams, businesses, schools / colleges, golf / country clubs, service clubs and other non-profits.  I also offer "RECHARGES" -- very special intense training / speaking events for the same groups. 

You would need to contact the individual Hypnotists to see what they may, or may not, offer.

Does the Hypnotist do any medical types of Hypnosis?  Do they work with children / teens?

I do work in the area of pain management and other medical type situations when referred by or approved by Physicians. 

Children / Teens?  Yes, but it depends on the maturity level of the child (usually 10 or older), and whether the child / teen recognizes there is a problem they want help with and really want to do something about it.

Some Hypnotists are not aware they need a referral / approval from a Physician and don't obtain one.  This is not safe for you. 

Some do, but many are not comfortable working with younger clients.

Does the Hypnotist have any advanced training and do continuing education?

The NGH offers many opportunities for advanced training and requires additonal training each year.  Not only do I take advantage of the NGH training, but am constantly reading and researching on my own to learn new tools and methods to help my clients.

For those who are current NGH members, some will go beyond the required training.  For those in other organizations or are not affiliated with any other Hypnosis organizations - I don't know.  You would need to ask them.

Does the Hypnotist have any referrals or testimonials?

You can see many tesimonials from real people (no I do not just use initials - sounds fishy to me, but have real names from REAL people).  CLICK HERE To read some of them .  

You'll have to check with the other Hypnotist to see.  Just be a little concerned if they don't, or if they have only first names or initials.

Does the Hypnotist provide CDs as part of their work with their clients?

I have created over 70 audios that are part of the program - no extra charge.  You simply have them playing at night while you're sleeping.  They are designed to help you sleep better, reduce stress, and the constant repetition helps to make the Hypnosis work for you faster and more effectively. 

Some do.  Some don't.  Some don't know how to create them.  I took the time to learn.  Some who don't have told me they don't because it takes away some of the effectiveness of the Hypnosis.  That just doesn't make sense to me.

Has the Hypnotist written any books or articles?

I have written many articles related to Hypnosis, along wtih many articles specifically related to Sports Hypnosis.  I've also written a couple of stories and some videos appropriate for children as well as adults.  I am presently working on another book.  Click the individual links to see these.

A few have written articles, fewer still have written a book or produced videos.  You'll just have to check with them.  But for those of us who have, it shows our expertise and confidence in the work we do.

Does the Hypnotist provide any guarantee?

Can they ethically?

No.  I can not guarantee you will follow through with the Self Hypnosis and the things I teach you during our visits.  Neither I, nor can any other professional, guarantee your choices, actions, and behaviors.  It's up to you to use the tools you are taught.   A teacher can not guarantee a student will learn.  A coach can not guarantee an athete will perform.  A medical doctor (with many more years of education) can not guarantee their work either.  It would not be ethical. 


Yes, I have seen some Hypnotists advertise they can guarantee your success.  It causes me to wonder how they think they can possibly guarantee their client's behavior!!!

The NGH strongly opposes a Hypnotist making such claims.  I tell my clients only they can guarantee their success by using the tools they are taught during our sessions.   

Does the Hypnotist use any form of regression work?

I do NOT.  This type of work should only be done by a trained mental health professional - psychiatrist, psychologist, licensed counselor.  Unless properly done, regression work can do much more damage than good. 

Instead of looking back to the past and maybe imprinting bad memories even deeper, I work with the present and the changes the person wants to make and help my clients move forward to a healthier and happier Life.

There are some Hypnotists who think they are qualified to do this work.  Unless they are properly trained and with the legitimate credentials, they should not.  It could be dangerous to the client.

Does the Hypnotist do any Past Life Regression work?

No.  I do not.

There are some who do.  In fact there are even some who work primarily in that area.

Does the Hypnotist do any work with drug or alcohol abuse?

By law in the state of Texas, alcohol and drug addiction must be referred to a licensed chemcial dependency counselor. In some other states, I could, but would still choose not to.

Under no cicumstances do I work with drugs.  If a person just wants to cut back on drinking, or drink moderately and be in better control - usually for business purposes, that I can work with, as long as the person has not been diagnosed as an alocholic or do not claim to be addicted to alcohol. 

Some Hypnotists do this in spite of, or in ignorance of the laws of the State of Texas

Does the Hypnotist offer evening sessions?  Weekend sessions?

I take my first client at Noon and my last one at 8:00 PM Monday through Friday.  I do not offer weekend appointments.

Some Hypnotists do offer evening and weekend sessions.  You would need to ask that particular Hypnotist.  But most do not.

Does the Hypnotist do Erotic Hypnosis for fantasies?


I do work in the area of ED / PE sexual performanc anxiety for men as long as they have determined there is no physical reason for the problem. 

In fact I get referrals for this from Physicians and even other Hypnotists.


There is / was a Hypnotist who advertised these services along with penis / breast enlargement.  Really!!!!!  There's such a thing as reality.  A professional Hypnotist can help a man / woman feel more confident with their bodies, but we can't do this, nor can we make you grow hair, or grow taller.  

Does the Hypnotist do Space Alein Abduction sessions?
Will the Hypnotist make me quack like a duck?
Will the Hypnotist try to sell me any vitamins, herbs, crystals, etc.

I do not offer any of these services, and I'm not going to try to sell you any vitamins, crystals, time shares, or cleaning products.

I do sell my CDs online for people out of the area or who cannot afford individual sessions.  I also sell training programs to my colleagues for Advanced Training Hypnosis Programs.

I'm sure there are some Hypnotists who will help you relive your space alien abudction.  Or will make you quack like a duck, but can't you do that on your own?  And yes, I know Hypnotists who do sell products such as vitamins, crystals, magic bracelets and charms, but no, I do not.



  * Results will / may vary from person to person based on your desire to change and your commitment to use the tools / suggestions you are taught.

Ericksonian Hypnosis is derived from the work of Dr. Milton Erickson (1901 - 1980).  He was a psychiatrist who specialized in medical uses of Hypnosis.  His work was based on the concept that the SubConcious Mind is creative and is able to generate solutions when properly directed through suggestions.  NLP -- NeuroLinguistic Programming was also based on his work.

William C. Smith is the only NGH Order of Braid Council Member of the NGH in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Dr. Dwight Damon, President of the NGH congratulating me for being awarded the Order of Braid Council.  Each year around ten members are chosen for this honor.  The year I received it - 2012 there were fewer than 100 living members.  

Dallas Hypnotist who received the Charles Tebbets Award for spreading the light of Hypnosis to the world from the NGH

Dr. Dwight Damon giving me the Charles Tebbets Award for spreading the Light of Hypnotism to the World!  Only one NGH member gets this each year and has for about the last 15 years.  A great honor to receive this from my peers. 



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