What about Hypnosis CDs?  Do they work?  How good are they?

Q -- What about Hypnosis CDs

Q -- Do they work?

Q -- Are they any good?


A -- Some Hypnotists refer to them as “Reinforcement” tools. I call them “Enhancement” tools.

I suggest using them to ENHANCE the work we’ve done together. They assist you in making progress and they’re like getting very affordable extra sessions to help you be successful making the changes you want to make. Positive repetition is always good when making changes.

A -- As for are they any good?

It depends on the quality of the suggestions on them and how appropriate they are to what you’re using Hypnosis for.

You may get a very poor quality recording that has the RIGHT suggestions that are appropriate for you, and it will be better than a high quality expensively produced recording that has poor quality suggestions, or suggestions that don’t apply to YOUR needs.


As part of your sessions, you will get a Hypnosis CD - no extra charge.  If you would like to buy some Hypnosis CDs - possibly you live out of the area, or maybe can't afford private sessions yet -you can go to my store website:  successrc.com

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