Do You, or someone You love, suffer from the shame and embarrassment of trichotillomania -- hair pulling?*

Did You know that the vast majority of those who suffer from this problem are female -- young children, teens, and even adults?  Very rarely does a male seem to be bothered by this habit.  In all the years I've been working with clients to help overcome this embarrassment, I've only had one young boy as a client with this problem.

What causes it? 

It could be any number of things, but I have found that asking "Why?" is usually counterproductive and imprints the problem even deeper. 

Better questions to ask, and this is for nearly everything I work with, are "How? and What?" questions.  How will you feel when this is in the past?  And what needs to be done to get past it?





Continued hair pulling will eventually result in severe hair loss - if it hasn't already! 

This can greatly interfere with Your social life, Your job, school (for younger), nearly every aspect of Your life!  If it hasn't already!

Some people refer to it as an "addiction", but by doing this, they are setting themselves up to believe they have no control over it.  By realizing it's a habit, and calling it a habit, it sends the signal to your mind that You DO have control and can change the habit.  Using the right word can either sabotage changes You want to make, or help You succeed!*

Some people don't even seem to notice when they're doing it - they're not consciously aware of it, until they've already done it.  And many even do it in their sleep.

And it's not just the hair on the head, but some people even pull out their eyebrows and eyelashes.

trichotillomania or hair pulling can be helped with Hypnosis NLP Dallas Fort Worth

Some people even deny they are doing it. Or want to pretend they're not.

Most people embarrassed by this habit suffer also with frustration, shame, and very low self esteem. And many people have trouble talking about it because of the shame and embarrassment and think no one will understand which makes it very difficult to get help.

One of the biggest contributors to trichotillomania is stress - and then trichotillomania creates more stress - which leads to more hair pulling.

If You're finally ready to break this habit once and for all, give me a call and let's make an appointment to help You restore your confidence, minimize stress, and help You to feel good about Yourself again!*

What are You waiting for?

Haven't You already waited long enough?



  * Results will / may vary from person to person based on your desire to change and your commitment to use the tools / suggestions you are taught.