How do I make an appointment?  Questions about Payments, workshops, speaking engagements, etc.

          Q -- How do I make an appointment with you?

A -- If you’re ready to start working on those changes, or if you have any further questions, give me a call 214-754-0021 AFTER 10 AM (Central Time) or Before 10 PM or you can email me anytime

I answer my own phone. You won’t get a receptionist. You may get my recorder. If you do, please leave a brief message and your phone number – speak slowly – say your phone number SLOWLY and repeat it SLOWLY. Tell me your name.

And PLEASE – DO NOT call after 10 PM or before 10 AM. My phone is ALWAYS forwarded to me. I do answer my phone during those hours, because I never know when it might be a friend or family member with a real emergency, and I’m willing to help my friends and family, even if it is 2 AM!  But probably if you’ve been thinking about using Hypnosis for a while, it can wait until the morning after 10 AM. OK?

So NOW IT’S TIME for YOU to decide. Do you want to keep things the way they are? Or ARE YOU READY to FINALLY take control and make some CHANGES? What can I help you with?

          Q -- What type of payments do you accept?

A -- For payment, I accept:
Checks / cash
Credit / debit cards – Visa / MasterCard / American Express / Discover

I do not accept insurance – IF (that’s a very big IF) your insurance covers my services, I will be glad to give you a receipt you can turn in for any reimbursements they may give.  it’s your responsibility to check with your HR department or insurance company to see if they do.

Also, I do not accept chickens, dairy products, puppies or kitties, or young children.

          Q -- Do you do workshops or classes for groups?

A -- Yes. I offer a wide variety of fun workshops and classes to all kinds of groups --Businesses, service clubs and organizations, churches and religious groups, colleges, high schools, sports teams. If your group isn’t listed, talk to me, we can probably work something out.

           Q -- Are you available for speaking engagements?

A -- Sure! The price is negotiable and in some cases, if my schedule permits and it’s for a non-profit or service club, I may even be willing to waive my normal fee. Now, of course you know I can’t do this very often, but I do when it’s the right opportunity.

Now, I have a question for YOU. Are YOU READY to give me a call or email and GET STARTED on a program that will make YOUR life better, or talk about something for a group you’re involved with? If you are, let’s talk. I’m so glad you came to visit this site and I look forward to working with you. If you have any suggestions on how to make the site better, please let me know.

Action Resources Center - Hypnosis of Dallas / Fort Worth

William C. Smith, Personal Coach

Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist

NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor

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