Is Stage Hypnosis real? 

Q -- Is STAGE Hypnosis real?

A -- Yes, but please realize, STAGE Hypnosis is entertainment.

A good Stage Hypnotist will select people to be on stage that are willing and wanting to entertain.

The Hypnotist will help them remove or minimize any inhibitions, or nervousness that might interfere with their ability to have fun on stage.

The Hypnotist will “direct” the show. Some people on stage MAY be faking it, but most will really be hypnotized and will have a great time having fun on stage.

Some of them will remember everything they did.

Others will forget some, most, or even everything they did on stage.

But, as I tell people I’m working with in my Absolutely Fun Stage Hypnosis Shows, “It won’t matter if you remember or not. Your friends will remind and tease you about it anyway. So why not go ahead and remember the fun you have?”

If you want to book me for a Stage Show either as a FUNdraiser, or just for some event you or your group has planned, let’s talk about it.

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