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Do you know there’s a Difference between Fears and Phobias?
So many people use the word Phobia, when they really mean Fear.  A real Phobia would be Fear so devastating it would keep You from functioning when even thinking about the Fear.  The word Phobia would be a label You would be diagnosed with by a mental health professional.  I don't do Therapy -- I do Hypnosis - helping ordinary people deal with ordinary problems - such as Fear!*
If it were a real Phobia, You would need treatments by someone highly trained in this area.  Phobias would generally cause You not to be able to function in normal situations.  A Fear is something that can be controlled, or even be pushed away so You're able to live Your Life happily without worrying about the effects of Fear.
Actually Fear has three heads - like the picture of the three headed Dragon.  What are the three heads?  Worry, Doubt, and Stress.  You Worry about whatever it is You're afraid of and what other people may think of You.  You Doubt Your ability to handle it.  And that causes Stress to build up.  The more You think about the Fear, the more You Worry.  The more You Worry, the more You doubt Your ability to handle it in a calm / controlled way.  And the more You Doubt Your ability to handle the Fear, the more it causes Stress!
Now that's just plain awful! 
Did You know there are only two Fears we are born with?  Fear of falling or being dropped, and Fear of loud noises!  All the rest, we learn, either from our own experiences, or we are taught by others!  And here's the good news!  Many people easily overcome those two fears.   Falling?  Look at mountain climbers, tall building window washers, hot air ballooners, sky divers, and others.  Loud noises?  Have You ever been to a loud concert, a car race, a football, hockey, or other sporting event?  So Logic tells us since we can overcome Fears we are born with, we can overcome any other Fear we've acquired along the way!
The two most common fears I work with?  Fear of Public Speaking, and Fear of Test / Exam taking!  I have successfully worked with many people to overcome these very common Fears!*
Dallas / Fort Woth Hypnosis can help you deal with the Three Headed Fear Dragon - Worry, Doubt, and Fear!

Dallas / Fort Worth Hypnosis can help you deal with the Three Headed Fear Dragon - Worry, Doubt, and Fear!

Fears are a normal part of Life. The biggest Fear we face is not the actual Fear itself that we have identified (Fear of Snakes for example), but the Fear of how we will react and what others will think of us.

Stop being Afraid!  Give me a call and let me help You get back in Control!*

Here are just a few of the more common Fears - with the Phobia diagnosis if You need Therapy to get over a complete lack of control in these situations.  Of course if You're like me and most people, You realize You can handle them, You would just like to be more in Control and less Fearful of what MIGHT happen or what someone else might think.  If that's the case, give me a call and let's get started on giving You back Control!*

Dark -- Achluophobia
Shadows-- Sciophobia
Heights Altophobia or Batophobia
Noise – Acousticophobia
Loud Noises -- Ligyrophobia
Flying or being in airplanes – Aviatophobia / pteromerhanophobia
People or Society - Anthropophobia
Thunder and Lightning– Astraphobia
Being embarrassed in front of family or friends or being laughed at -- Gelotophobia   
Old People or Growing Old -- Gerontophobia
Getting Wrinkles -- Rhytiphobia
Death – necrophobia
Being Hypnotized -- Hypnophobia
Public Speaking – glossophobia
Failure -- Atychiphobia-
Being Alone – Autophobia (no this is not a fear of cars)
Books – Bibliophobia
Cancer -- Cancerophobia
Confined Spaces - Claustrophobia
Water -- aquaphobia
Clowns -- Coulrophobia
Computers or Working on computers -- Cyberphobia
Technology -- Technophobia
Being out of Mobile Contact - nomophobia (Yes, this is a new diagnosis!)
Dogs -- Cynophobia
Cats -- Felinophobia
Horses -- Hippophobia
Birds -- Orthophobia
Frogs – Ranidaphobia
Insects -- Entomophobia OR Insectophobia
Spiders - Arachnophobia
Roaches – Katsaridaphobia
Bees -- Melissophobia
Mice – Suriphobia
Bats – Chiroptophobia  (No, this is not the fear of Chiropractors!)
Snakes – Ophidiophobia
Snakes and other Reptiles -- Herpetophobia
Sharks -- Selachophobia
Fish – ichthyophobia
Mice or Rats – murophobia
Animals in General -- Zoophobia
The number  “13” -- Triskaidekaphobia
Friday the 13TH - Paraskavedekatriaphobia (not the movie, but the day)
Ghosts -- Phasmophobia
Making Decisions -- Decidophobia
Crowds -- Demophobia
Dentists -- Dentophobia
Doctors -- Iatrophobi
Hospitals -- nosocomephobia
Drugs -- Pharmacophobia
Microbes or Germs -- Microbiophobia
Germs – mysophobia
Undressing in front of Others -- Dishabiliophobia
Needles Aichmophobia 
Injections / Shots -- Trypanophobia
Medical procedures / drawing blood / surgery -- Tomophobia
Blood -- Hemophobia
Sleep -- Somniphobia
Driving on Highways (or fear of traveling) – hodophobia
Bridges – gephyrophobia
Test / Exam Taking -- Testophobia       
Strangers of Foreigners -- Xenophobia

When I was looking at the Fears and their Diagnosis, and ran across the one for insects - it reminded me of a friend of mine from years ago.  He was VERY afraid of Insects - any kind!  One day, when I and my girlfriend at the time was over playing cards at his house with him and his wife, his little girl came in and told him there was a "bug" in the living room.  And she was afraid of it.  Why was she afraid?  Because she had seen her Father be afraid of course. 

Being the brave Father he was, he had to show his little girl that he could take care of it.  He went into the living room.  She pointed to the "bug".  He took his shoe off and slammed it down on the bug!  Hard!  The bug bounced!  He hit it again, and again, and each time the bug bounced.  He asked me to come over to look at it to see if I thought it was truly dead.  Being the good friend that I am, I went over and looked.  I announced to him that "Yes, that raisin is DEAD!"   He and his daughter were both afraid of the "bug" that turned out to be a raisin!  If he had not been so scared himself, he would have noticed it himself, but Fear had blinded him.

And the oddest Fear I've worked with in my Dallas / Fort Worth Hypnosis office?

A young man about 14 years old labeled with Autism was brought in by his Mother to deal with three fears.*  When I asked him what they were, he told me.  The first was fear of Lightning and Thunder.  Pretty common I told him.  The second was fear of BIG dogs - especially if they were growling.  Again, I told him that was to be understood, but Hypnosis could help him get that under control too. 

But the third one - now that one really surprised me!  What was the third Fear?  Fear of Barbara Bush!  I was shocked!  I asked if it was when he saw here on TV?  I could tell by the look that just the thought scared him.  He said "no".  How about have you ever been to her house or has she been to your house? (It was possible, this family is very well connected in society and the political world).  He was very upset and was almost trembling when I mentioned that.  I told him I was confused, when would it be a bother if he didn't see her on TV, or they didn't visit with each other. 

Almost tearfully he said "Barbara Bush, Barbara Bush - you know Barbara Bush Middle School!"  Then I understood.  He wasn't really afraid of Barbara Bush the lady, but a new school he would be attending!  With Confidence I told him that could be helped too!

  * Results will / may vary from person to person based on your desire to change and your commitment to use the tools / suggestions you are taught.