What Does Hypnosis Feel Like? and Other Questions

          Q -- What is Hypnosis?

A -- Simply a relaxed state of mind in which you are receptive to suggestions. A more complicated explanation is: When the critical factor of your Conscious Mind is bypassed allowing the SubConscious Mind to accept suggestions, usually when you’re in a relaxed state. Some people describe Hypnosis as a state of receptive alertness. I like this explanation.

          Q -- What does being hypnotized feel like?

A -- To answer a question with a question: What does daydreaming feel like? There’s no “one size fits all” explanation for how Hypnosis feels. You will be relaxed. You may even go to sleep (it’s OK; your SubConscious is still getting the suggestions). Your body may feel heavy, like it’s sinking into the chair. Or it may feel light, like you’re floating into the clouds. Some people say they’re not even aware of their bodies at all. Most people will experience “time distortion”. You may feel like a one hour session is only ten or fifteen minutes, or you may feel like the session lasted 3 or 4 hours.

Q -- What if I go to sleep during Hypnosis? Is it still effective?

A -- It’s OK if you go to sleep. It’s even OK if you snore. It just means you’re very relaxed. Your Conscious Mind may doze off, but your SubConscious Mind is ALWAYS alert and hearing the suggestions.

Q -- What if I need to scratch my nose or ear? Will that bring me OUT of Hypnosis?

A -- No, if you feel the need or urge to scratch your nose or ear, or to move in any way to get more comfortable while you’re experiencing Hypnosis, go ahead and do it. It will actually help you to relax and to be more comfortable than if you were fighting to resist the urge. It’s OK – you’re in control and should be comfortable.

Q -- Will I remember, or possibly forget, everything that happens when I’m in Hypnosis?

A -- You may not consciously remember everything, but your SubConscious will. And you might not remember some of the suggestions right away, but many of them will come into your awareness when you realize you’ve been making some changes.  An example of this may be the suggestion to drink more water. You might not remember it immediately after the session, but the next day, when you’re drinking a glass of water, you might think to yourself “That’s right, the Hypnotist did suggest I would want to drink more water! And I AM!”

Q -- Will I be aware of things going on around me when I’m in Hypnosis?

A -- Just as when you’re asleep, your SubConscious is aware of things going on around you, you’ll be aware of things during Hypnosis, but they just won’t bother you. You’ll still be able to hear normal sounds around you, if those sounds are happening near enough for you to hear – traffic, dogs barking, music, the air conditioner, other people talking, and of course, the voice of the Hypnotist.  In fact, the Hypnotist will probably suggest the other sounds will help you to relax and will blend with the Hypnotist’s voice and help you to relax more deeply.  I know because that’s one of the suggestions I give my clients.

          Q -- Give me one good reason why I should use Hypnosis!

How about if I give you three great reasons!

  • 1 -- SAFE -- recommended by such organizations as the American Cancer Society, the National Institute of Health, the Mayo Clinic, the American Medical Association.
  • 2 -- EFFECTIVE -- see my "Client Quotes' page for testimonials how Hypnosis helped them make positive changes to their lives.
  • 3 -- AFFORDABLE -- Compared to the value you get from the changes you make, and compared to other more costly methods, Hypnosis is VERY affordable and cost effective. I don't try to sell you big programs. I work with you to determine how many sessions will be right for YOU.
  • 4 - OK, I said three, but here's a BONUS -- NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS! Have you heard some of those negative side effects with even over the counter medications, much less prescription medications or medical procedures -- DANGEROUS! SCARY!

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