How am I, and my Hypnosis practice different from other Hypnotists?

I can't speak for others, but I will say that when you call for your free consultation, I'll be paying attention to you. I won't try to get you to come in for a "suggestibility" test to see if you can be Hypnotized just to try to sell you a big, expensive program.

Some Hypnotists do a quick 15 minute session with you and then hook you up to listen to a tape or CD, or maybe a set of eye glasses with blinking lights in them while they work with someone else. When you come into my office, I'm working with YOU. You have my attention. You'll get a real Hypnosis session.

When you come in for your first session, I will LISTEN to you and your needs. I'll be taking notes so I can give you the best suggestions.

This leads to the biggest difference. I treat each client as an individual. Many Hypnotists have what I call a "Cookie Cutter" approach and they have a script with a "One Size Fits All" approach.

My goal is to treat you fairly and get you the best results in the quickest amount of time. In other words, I treat you like I would like to be treated.

In my practice you get more than Hypnosis!

I combine Hypnosis with NLP - NeuoLinguisticProgramming -- a fancy way of saying communication between the Conscious Mind and the SubConscious Mind made easier.

Coaching -- I'm the developer of Alpha Process Coaching - teaching you how to Coach yourself properly.

Logic -- I'm a very logical person - so logical it sometimes aggravates my friends.

Creativity -- My mind combines the Logical and the Creative side to find the solutions that will best work with each individual client I work with.

Action Resources Center - Hypnosis of Dallas / Fort Worth

William C. Smith, Personal Coach

Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist

NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor

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