Questions and Real Answers About Hypnosis  

Hypnosis is NOT therapy or the practice of medicine.  It IS acting as a motivational coach to teach people the power of using their own minds to replace bad habits and ways of thinking with good, healthy ones.  It can also be used to reduce stress and sleep better which can have a positive impact in helping people to be healthier.  Hypnotists do not diagnose or treat patients.  Hypnosis is complementary to licensed health professionals and not an alternative to them.  Most of my new clients come from other satisfied clients I have worked with.   I appreciate and welcome referrals from Physicians and Mental Health Professionals!  And also from Educators, Coaches, other Hypnotists. 

Here are some of the questions I've been asked by my Hypnosis clients either during their free phone consultation, or during their sessions. These clients have come from all over --Dallas / Fort Worth and all parts of Texas, and even other states and countries.

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Dallas Fort Worth Hypnosis NLP Frequently Asked Questions FAQs