And what about those Hypnotists who advertise themselves as "Doctors" or PHDs?

          Q -- What about credentials? I see some Hypnotists who advertise they are doctors or have a Doctorate in Hypnosis or even a PHD in Hypnosis.

A -- Well there may be some Hypnotists who really are doctors.

But you might also want to check more closely with the credentials and diplomas of some of these "doctors". Some have purchased their degrees from "diploma mills".  Some just call themselves "doctor" and don't even go to the trouble of having a fake diploma, but mislead you to think they are "doctors".

There are some Hypnotists who are so insecure in their abilities, or have tremendous egos, that they call themselves "Doctor" and have phony diplomas on their wall. RUN FROM THOSE HYPNOTISTS.

As a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), I strongly adhere to our ethics and business practices.  I was glad to see that recently their was an article in the Journal of Hypnotism that strongly disagreed with those unethical few who misrepresent themselves to the public.  And I agree with the NGH and the article completely!

I prefer to be ethical about my credentials. I am a Hypnotist. I do not do therapy. I have real credentials. And by being ethical, I can sleep at night with a clear conscience.

I am not a Doctor or PHD, nor do I play one on television.  But I do get referrals from Physicians, and Professionals in the Mental Health Field on a regular basis - and have even had some as clients!  And you know why?  Because they like the work I do for themselves and their patients!

Action Resources Center - Hypnosis of Dallas / Fort Worth

William C. Smith, Personal Coach

Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist

NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor

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