The Seven Lies about Smoking!

Using Hypnosis makes it Easier to STOP!

This article was originally published November 10th, 2011,  by William C. Smith

You want to STOP smoking - not Quit Smoking.  Hypnosis at Dallas Fort Worth Hypnosis helps make it Easier!

There's a BIG difference between QUITTING and STOPPING!

1 – You should Quit smoking.  Really?  Who wants to be a “Quitter”?  The cigarette companies know that people don’t like to be “Quitters” that’s why in their public service announcements / commercials they use the word “Quit” instead of “Stop”.  Instead of Quitting, how about “STOPPING” with intention – just like when You STOP Your car?

2 – You’re going to gain weight when You STOP Smoking?  Well, that’s true –IF YOU REPLACE SMOKING WITH EATING, especially if You replace it with SWEETS!  So to counteract that, I give my Clients the suggestion of being healthy – which includes healthier eating.  And healthier eating would NOT lead to weight gain.

You won't gain weight using Hypnosis at Dallas Fort Worth Hypnosis unless You turn to sweets instead of cigarettes.

Sure You could gain weight - if You start eating a lot more sweets when You Stop smoking.  But Why would You?

An addiction is harder to break.  Stopping smoking is stopping a bad habit.

Break that smoking Habit once and for all!

3 – Smoking is an ADDICTION!  Really?  Where are the Stop Smoking Addiction Centers where You check in and spend 2, 4, even 6 weeks and You (or Your insurance company) pay $5,000, $10,000, $25,000 or more?  It’s a HABIT.  The cigarette companies don’t want You to think it’s a Habit, because You can change a Habit much more easily than break the chains of an addiction.

4 – When You Stop Smoking, You’ll be grouchy and irritable.  Why?  The only reason a person would be is because they bought into the idea through what I call “Social Hypnosis” that they would be.  In fact most of my clients tell me they feel so much better, they’re able to breathe more easily, and have more energy that it changes their mood for the better!

You won't be grouch and irritable when You Stop Smoking, unless You buy into what others have told You.  In fact, You'll probably feel happier and Healthier!

NO!  You Don't have to Grouchy and Irritable when You STOP smoking!

Instead of Smoking, how about using Your Imagination and do some Daydreaming?  Go to a pond, park, beach, etc.  No negative side effects! and a lot more relaxing!

5 – Smoking helps You relax.  It’s NOT the SMOKING that helps You relax.  It’s the “ritual” and “mindset” You’ve associated with the Habit.  Let’s just look at logic – one of the major ingredients in cigarettes is NICOTINE!  And NICOTINE is a STIMULANT!  So do You really believe that putting a STIMULANT in Your heart, lungs, brain, body, will help You RELAX?  That just doesn’t make sense.  Does it?

6 – Cigarettes are Your “Little Friends”.  I’ve heard several people tell me they feel like they’re giving up a friend – even using the expression “Little Friends” when they’re talking about cigarettes.  OK – if You have friends that intentionally poison You, cause You to have trouble breathing, shortens Your Life, steals money and time from them – I think it just might be time to get new Friends.  What do You think?

NO Cigarettes are NOT Your "Little Friends"!  They're POISON!  And real Friends won't Poison You!


You probably know someone who looks a lot Older than they really are from smoking and they probably feel older too!  Do You want to be one of them?

7 --  Smoking cigarettes make You look Older and more Mature.  This one is false and true.  When a young teenager smokes – they may think it makes them look Older and more Mature, but most people think it makes them look silly.  BUT, as You get OLDER, it will cause Your skin to get that “leathery” look, more wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, and You will definitely feel older when You have trouble breathing!

So is it worth it?  When You’re ready to STOP – not QUIT – let’s talk and get You on the road to Freedom from that Nasty, Filthy, Expensive, life threatening HABIT.

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