Are You ready to Enjoy being Tobacco free?*


Would You Rather Quit Smoking?  Or STOP Smoking?  You're not a "QUITTER" are You?  Wouldn't it be Better to "STOP with INTENTION" Like When You Stop Your Car?*  


Why is Hypnosis so effective to help people stop smoking / dipping?  Because unlike the patch, gum, or dangerous drugs (medications) - it actually addresses the behavior and they DON'T!  Safely, effectively, and affordably! 

You know, at 42 I can still make it up the stairs without too much shortness of breath.  How about You?

Most people start smoking as teenagers.  Why?  They want to look and feel older - more mature!  It works!  Have You ever known anyone who had been smoking for a while and they Looked and even Felt OLDER than they really were? 

Hey, at 39 I can still get a date!  Well, maybe not every week, but at least once a month.  And when the lights are dim, I don't look so bad.  How about You?

What if you saw a huge advertisement in a Dallas / Fort Worth or other local newspaper that said:  "QUIT Smoking and then START again!"


Would you really want to sign up for one of these programs?


(I did a search for “Quit smoking drug side effects”.  According to the MAYO CLINIC:  “While only a few studies have been performed, results show C...... works better than a sugar pill (placebo) at helping smokers quit....In addition to medication, participants in the studies also received weekly counseling to help them quit. ….. The percentage of smokers who were smoke-free a year after quitting with C...... ranged from 14 percent to 23 percent in clinical trials…..What side effects have been reported with C......? Nausea, Headache, Vomiting, Gas, Insomnia, Vivid, abnormal dreams, Changes in the way food tastes ….The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an advisory in 2008 that healthcare professionals, patients, patients' families and caregivers should be alert to and monitor for changes in mood and behavior in people taking C....... Symptoms may include anxiety, nervousness, tension, depressed mood, unusual behaviors and thinking about or attempting suicide. People taking C...... should report changes in mood and behavior to their doctor immediately. The FDA also advises that people taking C...... may experience impaired ability to drive or operate heavy machinery.)


Here's a short video you can watch about using Hypnosis to Stop Smoking.

STOP Smoking / Tobacco Use - Take Back Control from Tobacco Using Hypnosis right here in Dallas Fort Worth!  SAFE!  EFFECTIVE!  NATURAL!  NO SCARY NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS!*

How many times have you QUIT smoking or using some form of tobacco? What methods did you use? Why didn’t they work? When you're ready to stop, Hypnosis will help make it easier. Without gaining weight! Without being bad-tempered or irritable! Without being angry!*

Read further and you'll see the difference between QUITTING and STOPPING. 
You're not a QUITTER are you?

Cigarette prices went up $1.00 PER PACK in Dallas / Fort Worth and all across Texas, January 1, 2007!  And then a new tax was added April 1, 2009 making the average price for a package of cigarettes between $6 and $6.50!  And I'm going to guess they will go up again in the future.  Another good reason to kick the habit out of your life.  That's been a while.  I bet they'll go up again SOON!

And if that's not enough, you've probably read or heard, about the Russina spy who was killed with POLONIUM.  Did you know that POLONIUM is an ingredient in many cigarettes and other tobacco products?  And of course, it is a CANCER causing element.

Dallas Fort Worth Hypnosis NLP to Stop Smoking not Quit Smoking but Stop

Dallas Fort Worth Stop Smoking.  Smoking doesn't make you look sophisticated.
Smoking really makes a woman look sophisticated! Doesn't it?

You know of course some people don't want to stop smoking, because they think it makes them look "cool" or "sexy" and even "older and more mature".  

Yeah right!
Do you really want to look "older" now?

Please understand when I use the words NonSmoker / NonUser – it applies to all tobacco uses – cigarettes, cigars, dip, chew, snuff – you want to become a NonUser of Tobacco!

I have a lot of people call me and ask if I will help them “QUIT” smoking, chewing, or dipping. Help them “QUIT” the tobacco habit.

I know what they mean, but their subconscious may interpret the word “QUIT”, probably in a different way than they may think it does.

Real men stop smoking with Hypnosis here in Dallas Fort Worth
A REAL MAN isn't controlled by a little cigarette!

First let’s make sure you understand a little about how Hypnosis will help you.

Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind and in order to get the results you want, we have to talk to the subconscious mind in ways that it will understand correctly.*

Do you remember when you were a little boy or girl, or maybe even as an adult, and you heard the little sing song “Quitters are losers and losers never win.”? Now what do you think your subconscious thinks about when you say you want to “QUIT” tobacco use? It says “QUIT? I don’t want to QUIT! I don’t want to be a loser!”

Or you may have heard your parents, or Coach, or a teacher say “You’re not a QUITTER are you?”


So that’s why it’s best not to think about QUITTING smoking.


Some people ask me if I offer a "smoking cessation" program.  I guess that's just a fancy way of saying "stop or quit".  And others ask if I can help them stop chewing tobacco or dipping - get rid of the tobacco / dip habit?  Yes!  Of course!*

So what should you do instead of quitting?

Now, think about when you’re driving and you see a red light or a stop sign. I know, if you’re like me, you might not really want to STOP, but you do – I’m assuming you’re a law abiding citizen here. And when you do STOP, you STOP with INTENTION and PURPOSE!

So now you see where I’m going with this. We need to make sure to give the subconscious mind suggestions and directions that it will interpret to give you the results you really want.*

William Smith, a Dallas hypnotist, says he got four calls in a day "from people who want to stop smoking because of Peter Jennings' recent death." The consequences of cigarettes are hardly a revelation, he says. "But sometimes people just don't grasp it until they hear a name they recognize. We think we're invulnerable, but then we think, 'If it can happen to him, maybe I need to take another look at this. " --
Dallas Morning News, August 12th, 2005

Here are some questions for you:

  • Do you want to STOP smoking or using tobacco?*
  • Are you ready to STOP smoking or using tobacco?*
  • Are you ready to take responsibility for your life, your future, and say NOW, let’s get it done?*
  • Do you have the proper motivation to become a NonSmoker / NonUser? Do you understand that I can HELP you, but I can’t MAKE you STOP smoking or using tobacco?*
  • If you answered YES, to these questions, let’s get started. Give me a call and let’s get you on the road to being a NonSmoker, NonUser of tobacco.*
  • Did you know that Matt Damon the actor, used Hypnosis to stop his two packs a day cigarette habit? He discussed it on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He said he wished he had done it years before.  And of course many other celebrities and people just like you have successfully used Hypnosis to stop smoking.*
    On T
    uesday, January 22, 2008, on the Oprah show, Ben Affleck said he used Hypnosis to stop smoking.  He stated he hasn't had a cigarette since November 5th, 2005*

    But now if you’re wanting to STOP smoking or using tobacco just because your husband / wife / spouse, children, parents, boss, Physician or anyone else is nagging you, that’s not good enough! You have to want to do it for YOU!

If you want to STOP smoking or using tobacco to get someone to stop nagging you, I tell you to bring in the person doing the nagging and let me Hypnotize them to stop nagging. Will that work? Probably not, but it tells me you’re not ready yet.

Children learn about Smoking from their parents.  Use Dallas Fort Worth Hypnosis NLP to Stop Smoking NOW!
Will you be the one who teaches this little girl to be a Smoker? or to be a NonSmoker?

And here's another question to think about. 

What kind of example do you really want to set for your children, grandchildren, and other children? 

Do you really want them to see you smoking and think it's OK?

What about the second hand smoke you expose them to?

How much does it cost?

Since my prices are subject to change, I choose not to post them on here, but if you’ll give me a call, I’ll be glad to talk to you about that during your FREE phone consultation.

But I will ask you to consider this. How much will it COST you -- health and happiness wise -- if you don’t commit to becoming a NonSmoker / NonUser TODAY? How much money (and health) have you wasted already? How much will you spend if you don’t STOP? And what about your self esteem?*


Can you really put a price on your health (and those you love) and happiness?*

What do you risk if you continue smoking? Cancer, problems with your heart, emphysema, asthma, stroke, and many more health risks. And MEN, did you know smoking can be a major contributor to erectile dysfunction? WOMEN, smoking can contribute to complications with pregnancy and low birth weights. Do you really think smoking is worth these risks?

Do you really want to be a good example for your children?  Stop smoking today.  Let Hypnosis help it to be easy.
Young boys look up to their Dads. Be Proud to set a good example.

How many Hypnosis sessions will you need to become a NonSmoker / NonUser of tobacco?

Every person who wants to become a NonSmoker / NonUser has their own past (reasons they become a Smoker / User) and a different future (motivating reasons to get rid of that nasty habit).*


What I generally recommend is two, sometimes three sessions, just as a guideline. Most people, two will get the job done, but some may need (or want) three or possibly even more. They’ll probably use the additional sessions for other things, like maybe improving their golf game, or stress reduction, or lots of other things. Let’s look at your progress and lay a good foundation to get you started and then if you need more, that will be YOUR CHOICE.*


I will NEVER try to sell you a big program. I treat people like I want to be treated. Would I make more money if I high pressured you to buy more than you need? NO! Why? Because then you’d realize I’m focusing on my wallet and not your needs. But by helping you reach your goal in the most cost effective way, and getting you the results you want, you’ll be sending me lots of good referrals! So in the long run, my wallet will be taken care of.*


Here’s what I recommend:

  • Consult with your Physician and see what he or she thinks about becoming a NonSmoker / NonUser
  • Realize becoming a NonSmoker / NonUser is different for different people.
  • Some will STOP right after the first session and never pick up another cigarette or tobacco product and will never even have a desire for tobacco again.
  • Others may STOP, but still have the desire, but will be in CONTROL!
  • Some will taper off and smoke or use less and less and less until after a short while they’re NonSmokers / NonUsers
  • Some may STOP for several months, even several years and then a traumatic event happen and they may pick up the habit again. I’ll do my best to give you suggestions that will make it easier for you to resist those urges and to remain a NonSmoker / NonUser for the rest of your life.

Are you READY to get started? Haven’t you wasted enough money and years of your life and hurt your health for far too long already?*

Don’t forget to ask about my “BUDDY PLAN” to save money. The way it works is simple. If you know someone else who would like to become a NonSmoker / NonUser of tobacco. and the two of you come in together, at the same time, the second person can be added for 50% off the regular price. Now of course, you can divide that discount between you however you want to.

I’ve been offering this program for a while, but realize at some point I may decide to discontinue it, so don’t put it off any longer. Sign up with your “Buddy” soon.

Who can be your “Buddy”?

  • A relative
  • Friend
  • Neighbor
  • co-worker
  • someone from church
  • or someone who belongs to the same club you do.

As long as:

  • You both get along together
  • and will be supportive of each other
  • you’re both coming in for the same reason
  • and you can both make your appointments for the same time

 * Results will / may vary from person to person based on your desire to change and your commitment to use the tools / suggestions you are taught.

Hypnosis is NOT therapy or the practice of medicine.  It IS acting as a motivational coach to teach people the power of using their own minds to replace bad habits and ways of thinking with good, healthy ones.  It can also be used to reduce stress and sleep better which can have a positive impact in helping people to be healthier.  Hypnotists do not diagnose or treat patients.  Hypnosis is complementary to licensed health professionals and not an alternative to them.  Most of my new clients come from other satisfied clients I have worked with.   I appreciate and welcome referrals from Physicians and Mental Health Professionals!  And also from Educators, Coaches, other Hypnotists. 

Action Resources Center -- Hypnosis of Dallas / Fort Worth
William C. Smith, Personal Coach
Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist
National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Hypnosis Instructor
214–754–0021  Call AFTER 10 AM and before 10 PM Central Time USA

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Why do tobacco companies really HATE this man?
Why do Tobacco companies HATE this man?  Because he's a Hypnotist and can help you stop smoking / dipping!
Because William C. Smith is a Board Certified Hypnotist who helps people just like You STOP smoking / dipping!  If You're ready to stop - then it's time to stop making excuses and call.

Parade Magazine Feb. 3, 2008, sites a recent study conducted in the Netherlands that found that smoking increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease by as much as 50% in people 55 or older who don't already have a predisposition to the disease. The new study shows that, nicotine worsens the effects of a brain protein that causes Alzheimer's.

  * Results will / may vary from person to person based on your desire to change and your commitment to use the tools / suggestions you are taught.
Let me tell you about Larry.  Larry was a guy probably a lot like you.  He started smoking when he was 16, in High School.  Why?  Because he was hanging around some older kids and he wanted to be more like them.  He thought it made him look "cool", older, more mature.  Can you relate to that?
When he came to me he was an "average" smoker.  He was smoking a pack a day for over 20 years.  Just like you, he had tried to "quit" before. 
He had gone "cold turkey" - that lasted less than a week.  He had tried the patch, but that didn't work either. 
He even tried some of those dangerous drugs with scary side effects - you know, you've heard the commercials "warning, if thoughts of suicide....may cause depression ...." and that really scared him, but he was desperate.  He had even gone for acupuncture - needles stuck into his skin.
None of those worked for Larry.  When we were talking about it, I asked him why he didn't think they worked for him.  He said he didn't know.  I asked him if he had considered that none of those methods addressed the habit itself.
Of course his response was, "habit, no!  It's not a habit!  It's an addiction!"  In fact, he told me he had heard that quitting (his word, not mine) smoking was harder than quitting heroin.  Wonder where he got that idea - maybe the cigarette companies?  Or other smokers who had tried some of the same things he had?*
I asked Larry -- "if it's an 'addiction', where are the Quit Smoking Addiction Centers where you can go spend 2, 4 , 6 weeks or longer, check yourself in, and spend $5,000, $10,000 maybe up to $50,000?"  Larry said he hadn't seen any.
Now just common sense would tell you, if it were truly an "addiction", there would be some in every city - and several in a city as large as Dallas!*
Larry listened and was beginning to see that some of his beliefs about smoking just may have been influenced by the cigarette / tobacco companies and by other people who didn't want him to succeed.  Why wouldn't they want him to succeed?  Because if he was able to stop smoking, they wouldn't have any excuses any longer.
We did the Hypnosis session.  During the first part of the first Hypnosis session, we talked about some of these things I just mentioned, and I explained about Hypnosis.  At first, Larry was a little concerned about Hypnosis - you know the usual stuff - wondering if he would bark like a dog, if I was going to use a pocket watch - stuff like that.  I told him, he would always be in control, that when we finished the session,
*  he might never have another cigarette and be done with it.*
*  he might never have another cigarette, but would still have some thoughts, maybe cravings for a while*
*  he might cut back - a little or a lot between this session and his next*
*  he might just decide he wasn't ready to stop.*
I also told him
*  I would address the "cravings" and "desires" by giving him suggestions for healthier cravings.*
*  he would be able to reduce his stress - especially worry about his health, and the financial costs*
*  and that by listening to the CD he would get, that he would find that he slept better and woke up feeling more energized and happier.*
So guess what Larry told me when he came back for his follow up session?
He said when he got out to his truck right after the session, he thought about having a cigarette.  He used a couple of the tools I taught him and thought maybe he would have one when he got home to his wife - but he didn't.  The next day when he woke up - he had his coffee as usual before work - but didn't have a cigarette.  In fact, he didn't have a cigarette since his last session, which was a little over two weeks!*
Before his follow up session, he called me to ask if he even needed to come in.  I told him it would be good.  During that session, we really hit hard on the idea of being healthy and free of that habit for the rest of his life and remaining smoke free.  He liked that.*
And that's what he did.  Larry called me recently and thanked me again for helping him STOP smoking using Hypnosis.  He was celebrating FIVE YEARS of being smoke free!*
Now Elizabeth on the other hand had a different outcome.  A lot of the story was similar, but in addition to wanting to fit in with her friends and looking "cool", Elizabeth wanted to look older - more mature!  Yeah right!  A cigarette really makes a 15 year old look older and more mature, doesn't it?  Of course not!
Elizabeth was in her late 40's when she came to see me.  She was concerned about her health, and also, she noticed the little wrinkles around her mouth, and other wrinkles on her face.  She said she felt older and when she looked in the mirror she looked older than her sister - a non smoker.  The sister was five years older.
I used a special Hypnosis suggestion relating to smoking and getting older with Elizabeth.  She really liked it.  But when she called for her next session, she was very discouraged.  She was still smoking almost a half a pack a day.  Did I mention - she was smoking two sometimes three packs a day prior to our first Hypnosis appointment.*
We talked about how much improvement she had made - about an 80% reduction!  She smiled and agreed, but she said she thought Hypnosis was suppose to be like "MAGIC" - you know, snap my fingers or hit her on the head with a magic wand and she would completely forget about cigarettes and never want another one.
We did our second session.  Did it work?  It must have.  Within six months, she sent me three referrals to help them stop smoking, and her husband for golf Hypnosis, and her doctor came in for stress reduction Hypnosis!*
So how about you?  Are you ready to stop smoking using Hypnosis?* 
It's safe, affordable, and effective - and NO SCARY SIDE EFFECTS!*

Here's what some of my Hypnosis clients have said about their stop smoking Hypnosis sessions with me:

  * Results will / may vary from person to person based on your desire to change and your commitment to use the tools / suggestions you are taught.


"You made stop smoking so easy. No problem! I’ve already referred eight of my friends and will refer others soon. Thanks.” -- Skip Allen -- Business Owner*


"I couldn't believe it!  I thought about having a cigarette right after leaving your office, but I didn't.  I thought it would be a problem wanting one with my coffee and when I was drinking with my friends, but even that wasn't a problem.  Thanks again.  It's been over five years now and I still haven't smoked and thanks to you and Hypnosis, I know I won't ever smoke another one."  Larry Everman.*

"Thanks, I was worried about my health. My doctor told me I had to stop smoking, because of my family history of heart problems and cancer. I was afraid it would be hard because I had been smoking for over 20 years. Thanks. It was easy using hypnosis. You were great!" -- Jennifer Johnson -- business consultant *

"What did you do to me? When I left your office, I'll have to admit I had some doubts. It's been almost six months, and I haven't smoked a single cigarette. My children are so proud of me!" Elaine Roberts, Mother of four*

"Very effective. It was easy. It was fast. My little girl doesn't tell me I have bad breath anymore." Seth Bowerman -- restaurant manager*

"I tried the patch, acupuncture, the gum - I tried everything and none of them worked more than a couple of weeks. Just wanted to tell you it's been eight months now and I'm still a nonsmoker. Thanks so very much." Antoine Hamilton -- business owner *

“I wanted to quit smoking to present a more positive role model to the kids who see me perform. You helped me do it, quickly and easily. Thanks.” -- Ben C., Actor*


"I went to see my  sister the other day and now, I am proud to say, I look like her younger sister again.  She's older by two years, but everyone thought I was older - by at least five years!  And I feel so much better.  William, you helped me stop smoking once and for all using Hypnosis.  And I really appreciate your support.  When I came back in after that first session and hadn't stopped completely, I felt like a comlete failure.  You helped me realize that going from at least two packs a day to less than a half a pack a day was great progress.  And now - I can promise you, I'll never smoke again!  You helped set me free.  Thanks so much!"  Elizabeth Erenson*

"I was afraid I would gain weight. You assured me I wouldn't. You were right. In fact I felt so good about stopping smoking that I started going back to the gym and lost 30 pounds!" Alex Dillard -- real estate investor*


Now of course your results will depend on you, your motivation, and your decision to use the Hypnosis program and tools I teach you in my office.  It may seem like Magic - but it's Hypnosis - which is better, because it's real!

 * Results will / may vary from person to person based on your desire to change and your commitment to use the tools / suggestions you are taught.