Do you have a Teen or a Younger Child that can benefit from using Hypnosis?  Sports, Test Anxiety, Bad Habits, Fears, Self Confidence - and so many other uses.*

Hypnosis is NOT therapy or the practice of medicine.  It IS acting as a motivational coach to teach people the power of using their own minds to replace bad habits and ways of thinking with good, healthy ones.  It can also be used to reduce stress and sleep better which can have a positive impact in helping people to be healthier.  Hypnotists do not diagnose or treat patients.  Hypnosis is complementary to licensed health professionals and not an alternative to them.  Most of my new clients come from other satisfied clients I have worked with.   I appreciate and welcome referrals from Physicians and Mental Health Professionals!  And also from Educators, Coaches, other Hypnotists. 

When working with young children, it's VERY important to take into consideration the child's maturity level.  If the child can't sit through a movie, or isn't mature enough to pay attention and be on good behavior, then the child is probably too young for the work I do to be effective for them.  I've worked with six year olds who were mature enough to be very receptive and responsive to Hypnosis, and I've had a 14 year old who was too immature to get benefit.  You know your child better than I do.  I can't make this call for you. 

And one thing I strongly urge parents to do, show them my picture so they will have a comfort level of who they're going to be visiting with.  You would be surprised how much that helps the child to feel comfortable in advance of the visit.

Be sure and read "Gizer's Story for Children" for Yourself and your Children.  You and Your Children will like it.  CLICK HERE to go to the story now.

Helping Teens and Younger Children with Hypnosis

Parents from all over Dallas and Fort Worth and other areas of Texas (and beyond) bring their Teens and Younger Children to me to help them make changes using Hypnosis.*

Most Hypnotists don't work with Teenagers and Young Children.  Why?  Because they haven't been trained in this area.  Maybe they don't feel comfortable with young clients.  Perhaps they don't realize that Teens and Children are in a state of Natural Hypnosis most of the time and are some of the easiest and best clients to work with.

Whatever the reason is, it's a shame. 
Just think how much better it is to help a Teen or Child when they're young and are more flexible in their thinking, therefore easier to help.
When I work with Children and Teens under 18, the Mother, Father, or Guardian will always be in the room with us.  I want your young clients to feel safe and comfortable!  When you make an appointment for a young client, I insist that you show them my picture.  Why?  Well, it's not because I'm that good looking, but because I want them to feel comfortable knowing who they're coming to see!  Who knows what they think a Hypnotist looks like!

When I work with Teens, I talk to them as I would an adult.  They deserve the respect and courtesy of taking their needs seriously.  When I work with Children, they might not even close their eyes.  But we sure have a lot of fun!  They have wonderful imaginations! 

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Hypnosis NLP  for Confidence for Teens and Children Dallas Fort Worth
Children and Teens need Confidence!

There are many reasons a Teen or Younger Child might find Hypnosis helpful in dealing with a very stressful period of life.  The most common are:  Sports, Cheerleading, Study / Exam Prep, Confidence, Stress Management, and Normal Fears.*

But there are many other reasons as well.*

  • Accepting Change & Growing -- Sometimes we have difficulty accepting changes in our lives and then moving ahead and realizing we have new choices and new adventures to look forward to.*
  • Being Happy by Choice -- Abraham Lincoln said “A man is as happy as he makes up his mind to be.” And of course that applies to women too! Children can learn to be happy as well.  Isn’t it time you started looking for things to be happy about instead of focusing on the negative?*
  • Self Hypnosis and Guided Imagery Instruction for Wellness & Minimizing Discomfort of Chronic Pain -- Do you remember what it was like to have natural wellness and to have a body that felt good? Many teens and children find using Self Hypnosis and Guided Imagery easier than a lot of adults!  And even better  – no negative side effects!*
  • Go to Sleep Easier and Sleep Through the Night. -- Children and Teens sometimes have trouble turning off their minds when it's time to go to sleep.  Stop tossing and turning and counting sheep. Stop waking up in the middle of the night and then have trouble going back to sleep. Use the power of your own mind to get a good night’s rest.*
  • Confidence Building -- You know, I haven’t met a person yet who told me they have all the self confidence they need or want. Most, if not all of us would like to have more self confidence. Teens and Children are bombarded with negatives that tear down their confidence every day.  And of course you might think the other person is super confident, but deep down inside, the other person is probably admiring YOUR confidence. You have a right to be confident and deserve to be confident in your life. Let’s work on it together and see how much better your future can be.*
  • Public Speaking with Confidence -- Did you know the # 1 fear in America is the Fear of Public Speaking? The # 2 fear is fear of snakes. Do you know what the # 3 fear is? Speaking in public to a group of snakes! Sorry, old Hypnosis joke. But seriously, wouldn’t you rather enjoy speaking to groups, than dread it? Wouldn't it be better to get this confidence early in life, as a Child or Teenager?  Instead of suffering with it into adulthood?  Wouldn’t you rather know you have the self confidence next time you’re called upon to talk, rather than feel your knees shaking and you hands start to sweat? It doesn’t matter if it’s a business situation, your book club, or you’re called on to give a book review in school, YOU CAN DO IT and ENJOY IT!*
  • Overcoming Shyness -- Being shy is a learned behavior. If you learned how to be shy, then you can learn how not to be shy. That makes sense doesn’t it? You can learn how to be comfortable around others without getting that sinking in the pit of the stomach feeling. Just think how it will improve your social life!*
  • Bad Habit Control and Elimination -- Just like Shyness – ALL bad habits are learned, some in childhood, and others later in life, and then become reinforced behavior. Our lives are the direct result of decisions and choices we have made in the past. The important is to choose to learn a new healthier habit that will bring you happiness instead of unhappiness. Maybe some of those bad habits are holding you back from the way you would like your life to be. Here are just a few bad habits Hypnosis can help you change:*
  •    Shyness
  •    Nail biting
  •    Hair pulling (trichotillomania)
  •    Stuttering
  •    Bruxism (teeth grinding caused by stress)
  •    Always being late
  •    Over eating
  •    Bad study habits
  •    Procrastination
  •    Just being lazy
  •    Excessive shopping
  •    Excessive eating
  •    Interrupting others in conversation
  •    Excessive internet browsing
  •    Staying up too late
  •    Being a “Couch Potato"
  • Choosing to Let Go of Anger -- You know when you're angry at someone, or even something, it takes your control away and gives someone, or something, the control YOU should have. And besides, it probably doesn’t even bother the other person. So why not learn to use Self Hypnosis to control your anger?*
  • Letting Go of the Past -- Sometimes we get stuck in the past and just can’t seem to let go and enjoy the present. It may be from a move to a new location, new school, a family break up, or just life in general. For whatever reason your focus has been on the past instead of your life today. Wouldn’t it be great to start living TODAY and making good healthy goals and action plans for the future?*
  • Loving Yourself More – Better Self Esteem -- We all want to be loved by others, but how can someone love you if YOU don’t love YOU? Learning to use self Hypnosis to love and forgive yourself, will result in being loved by others more as well. Now wouldn’t that be nice?*
  • Boosting Creativity -- Ever get a “block” to your creativity? Ever try to think up new ideas or expand on old ones and you just can’t think of the right way to express it? Maybe your Creativity just needs a boost!*
  • Goal Setting and Taking Action -- Setting Goals is important, of course, but it’s even more important to take action. In order to take action, you need to have a plan on how to get those goals accomplished! So many people tend to have Goals, but not a Plan. Don’t let this mistake keep you from achieving YOUR Goals!*
  • Productive Procrastination -- Did you think I made a mistake when you read Productive Procrastination? A lot of people do in classes and workshops when I tell them I will teach them how to procrastinate productively. What I’m saying is procrastinating things you need to get done isn’t good. BUT, procrastinating things that are just time wasters, or things that KEEP you from doing what you need or want to do, now that’s PRODUCTIVE PROCRASTINATION!*
  • Stress Management and Relaxation -- Did you know STRESS is one of the leading causes of so many health related problems we have in life? Learn to relax and let go, physically and mentally and start improving the quality of your life.*
  • And you may even have a question about something I didn’t think to list. If it’s not here in the website, it doesn’t mean we can’t work together to help you make the right changes for your life. Give me a call!

 If you have any questions about my Hypnosis practice, fill out the form below and I'll get back to you soon.  Thanks.



  * Results will / may vary from person to person based on your desire to change and your commitment to use the tools / suggestions you are taught.