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* Results will / may vary from person to person based on your desire to change and your commitment to use the tools / suggestions you are taught.

“First, I would like to thank you for coming to Fort Worth Can! Academy -- Campus Drive during the spring of our 2001 - 2002 school year. Both students and staff were extremely pleased with the help you provided them during your Stress Management / Self-Relaxation seminar. Several students that have failed the TAAS test previously were able to pass the exam due in large part to techniques that you taught them to use. Here are the results:

First time TAAS Testers scores increased from 2000-01 to 2001-02:

A. Reading: + 23.8% increase

B. Math: + 36.2% increase

C. Writing: + 44.7% increase

-- Will, thanks to you our students no longer fear the TAAS test! Your professionalism and your pleasant spirit are both a credit to you and the services that you provide. We look forward to working with you in the near future, and thank you for helping us to continue “Giving Young Texans A Second Chance!” -- Keith R. Lott, Principal, Fort Worth Can! Academy*

William Smith, a Dallas hypnotist, says he got four calls in a day "from people who want to stop smoking because of Peter Jennings’ recent death." The consequences of cigarettes are hardly a revelation, he says. "But sometimes people just don't grasp it until they hear a name they recognize. We think we're invulnerable, but then we think, 'If it can happen to him, maybe I need to take another look at this. “
Dallas Morning News, August 12th, 2005"*

“I’m in control. No over eating now. I’m moving around more in the pool. I’m sleeping better, and that had been a problem for me. I reduced by 13 pounds in only six weeks!” -- Shirley Johnson -- Bank Executive*

"At first, it just seemed too easy. But it's been a little more than a year, and I wanted to say thanks! With your help, I got rid of 120 pounds of excess fat! You'll never know how much better I feel. Thanks again! -- Tim Sheffield -- High School Teacher*

"When I first came into your office, every time I said I wanted to 'lose' weight, you corrected me -- it was very frustrating. But I want to thank you for doing it. I didn't 'lose' any weight, but I did 'reduce' my weight by 55 pounds in right at six months - just in time for my 20 year high school reunion." Mary Eggles -- nurse *

“Just after my first session, I’m doing good and more positive. My clothes are already looser. I also stopped smoking, even though we were working with weight reduction!” -- Deloris Jones -- Office Manager*

“I feel really good! My clothes are already beginning to fit looser! I have more energy! My face is less puffy. I’m drinking more water. I have less stress and I’m not as hungry.” -- Sally Blue -- weight reduction client*

"After my first session, I couldn't believe how relaxed I was. I'll have to admit, I wasn't even convinced I had really been hypnotized because I remembered everything, and I thought I wouldn't. But I stayed with the program - and now I can't believe it when I look in the mirror -- those 30 pounds of extra fat are gone! And my husband says to tell you thanks too!" Patsy Jennings -- Sales rep*

“I fell well rested, have more energy, already noticing reduction in my face! I’m drinking lots more water. I’m more happy with myself. I’ve been keeping a record of my eating habits and I’m getting better. I’m sleeping better. I’m very energized! My skin is not as tight.” -- Jannette Babb -- weight reduction client*

“I’m starting to get control. I’m exercising more and eating less. I’m more relaxed in my daily life. I’ve noticed that I tend to stop eating when I’m full. I’ve reduced by 4 lbs in one week!” -- Tracey Harris -- Bank Executive*

“You made stop smoking so easy. No problem! I’ve already referred eight of my friends and will refer others soon. Thanks.” -- Skip Allen -- Business Owner*

"Thanks, I was worried about my health. My doctor told me I had to stop smoking, because of my family history of heart problems and cancer. I was afraid it would be hard because I had been smoking for over 20 years. Thanks. It was easy using hypnosis. You were great!" -- Jennifer Johnson -- business consultant*

"What did you do to me? When I left your office, I'll have to admit I had some doubts. It's been almost six months, and I haven't smoked a single cigarette. My children are so proud of me!" Elaine Roberts, Mother of four*

"Very effective. It was easy. It was fast. My little girl doesn't tell me I have bad breath anymore." Seth Bowerman -- restaurant manager*

"I tried the patch, acupuncture, the gum - I tried everything and none of them worked more than a couple of weeks. Just wanted to tell you it's been eight months now and I'm still a nonsmoker. Thanks so very much." Antoine Hamilton -- business owner*

“I wanted to quit smoking to present a more positive role model to the kids who see me perform. You helped me do it, quickly and easily. Thanks.” -- Ben C., Actor*

"I was afraid I would gain weight. You assured me I wouldn't. You were right. In fact I felt so good about stopping smoking that I started going back to the gym and lost 30 pounds!" Alex Dillard -- real estate investor*

“I’m more focused. I have greater confidence. I have a lot of progress in some areas.” -- Chris C., Jet
Fighter Pilot *


“Benefited most in how to visualize and using cues. Would refer to others because it is helpful with the sports issues we have.”  -- Karol A. Rovelto, Kansas State University, Director of Track Operations*


Cliff Rovelto, Kansas State University, Head Track Coach -- “Yes, I would refer and enjoyed the workshop. It reminded me of visualization techniques I practice.”*

Brad Elder, PGA Pro Athlete
– “I felt great and really relaxed and felt really confident in my self.”*

“I’d definitely like to thank you for my first Hypnosis session. Aside from being very relaxing, it gave me further enlightenment as well as understanding how to control certain aspects of my life better. I am looking forward to making the time during the New Year for more sessions as I feel it’s extremely beneficial to myself on a personal, social and business level.” -- Mike Whitaker -- Executive, Financial Services*

“I’m more positive,
able to achieve my goals" Jan F. student U.T. Southwestern Medical School Dallas*

“Once again, thank you for being a part of the “Fore The Children Golf Classic” ... and for your support.”
-- Ralph Strangis -- Dallas Stars Hockey Play-by-Play Announcer & Robert Alberts, Executive Director Big Brothers / Big Sisters - Dallas*

“Enjoyed your approach.
I was able to use several things that day. Thank you.” -- Kim Barnes, Greenhill School Administrator*

“I enjoyed your “relaxed voice”. and would you refer you to others to
help overcome fear.” -- Dorothy Williams, Greenhill School Faculty *

“I enjoyed “substitute phrasing” and would refer you to other groups because I liked the idea of
changing negative imprints to positive imprints.” -- DeBorah Winfield, Greenhill School Faculty*

Will Smith’s approach is fun, exciting, and creative. His customized approach, whether one-on-one or in groups, shows how gifted he is in helping others help themselves.” -- Rusty Williamson, Journalist*

“Empowered! Self Control!” -- Robert Gilliard, Educator*

“Your time and training made a difference in our students.
Dallas Can! Academy - Live Oak received its best scores ever during the February TAAS, 2002. Math scores alone for the 10th graders jumped 26 percentage points! I attribute part of the success to relaxation strategies that Mr. Smith taught many of our students. Several students shared with me that they used his techniques to reduce their test anxiety and left feeling more confident about the tests... I wish to thank Mr. Smith for helping many students make a stressful situation end so positively.” -- Scott Harris -- Principal, Dallas Can! Academy*

“After what my brother told me about how you helped him, I decided to try it myself, I’m
studying for a competency exam for my profession and I’m sure it’s going to help.” -- Milton Hunter, Computer Company Executive*

“It helped me so much with memory enhancement and test taking skills, I referred my Mother!”
-- Karen Lee-Greer -- Funeral Services Student*


Tisha Waller, USATF, DeKalb County Board of Education -- The workshop helped me with creating positive thoughts in my mind, associating letters with what I see myself becoming, etc “C” for “Champion” or “W” for “Winner”.*

Cathy Casey, SMU Track and Field Coach
-- “Enjoyed the workshop.”*

Nathan Leeper, USATF -- “Yes, would refer. Yes enjoyed workshop.
Benefited most from visual preparation.”*

Matt Hemingway, USATF -- “Yes would refer. Yes enjoyed workshop. Benefited most from
phrasing positive statements.”*

Naomi Nieto, USATF -- “Enjoyed the workshop and
benefited greatly.”*


Ifoma Jones, USATF/ M.D. Anderson -- “Benefited most from visualization and enjoyed the workshop.”*

Gwen Wentland, USATF -- “Enjoyed the workshop. Gave
good ideas on focus and confidence. Yes, would refer.” *

“The range of motion I was able to get while visiting with you was incredible.
I will see you again. Until then, don’t forget, “there is a difference between hurt and pain”. -- Larry Hunter -- Personal Trainer / Athlete*

“I am a patient with chronic migraines resulting from a high stress job.
My primary Physician recommended Hypnosis to seek some temporary relief from the chronic pain. My professional Hypnotist is William Smith. His work allowed me some additional relief from the chronic pain. Mr. Smith has taught me how to couple biofeedback with self-Hypnosis. It has accorded me some relief without turning to additional medication.” -- Francis Tourmie -- Business Executive*

“I wanted to thank you for the great help your Hypnosis treatments has done for me during my cancer treatment and post surgery recovery. Your techniques have helped me reduce my side effects to almost zero and I don’t think I could have done it with the drugs alone. The mental edge is so important any recovery. Most importantly, my attitude is great. By minimizing my side effects thru Hypnosis, I have been able to live an almost normal life (except for my Kojack haircut!), even weight training three days a week. My doctors were even surprised! So thanks again for your wonderful program.” -- Rick Middleton -- Professional Realtor (referred by Physician)*

“I’m writing to say thanks for helping change my life in a very positive way. As a professional journalist, I know a lot about stress.
Using the guided imagery techniques you’ve taught me, I’ve learned how to control stress instead of letting it control me. You’re the best!” -- Rusty Williamson – Journalist*

“. . . Heartburn and acid reflux has been a problem that I have had for at least the last 10 years. I have seen many doctors and tried all the different prescription medicines. . .
Within a few days of my visit I had noticed a drastic improvement. I still get heartburn, but it now seems to fade away as soon as I notice it. I am very pleased I do not have to take daily medication anymore and as an added bonus, I am sleeping much better at night. Again let me thank you and let you know that your program works! -- Robert Ellis*

“The Southern Association of Student Councils was honored to have William Smith perform a
stage Hypnosis show and a seminar (“The Power of Positive Self Talk” at their 69th annual conference. In attendance were over 1000 students and advisors from across the southern region of the United States, all of whom thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment. William Smith will unquestionably be an invaluable addition to your event. His show gives the viewers a break from all their hard work and schooling for a moment of laughter which creates a positive, more pleasurable atmosphere for learning. William Smith’s experience combined with his natural wit constructs an enthusiastic, humorous mood for the entire show. Our conference delegates also had the opportunity to learn about the power of positive self talk. Mr. Smith explained the importance of inner dialogue through historical connections, humor, visuals, and audience participation. He explained the meaning of positive self talk and how each of us can use our won thoughts to motivate and inspire our everyday actions. As past presidents of SASC and on behalf of our organization, we recommend William Smith, The Mind Wizard, for your event. His remarkable skill and talent will mesmerize your audience, and will not disappoint you. -- Courtney Solomon (SASC Past President Advisor), Samantha Dallefeld (SASC Past Present, Laura Gayle (SASC Past President)*


 * Results will / may vary from person to person based on your desire to change and your commitment to use the tools / suggestions you are taught.


Action Resources Center - Hypnosis of Dallas / Fort Worth

William C. Smith, Personal Coach

Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist

NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor


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